The beautiful season has arrived!

The sunny days have restored tone to the vineyard, after the frosts of April and the hail of June.
The work on the soil is almost finished, and the trellising of the vine will begin for us!
Domaine Freyburger hosts the weekend of May with ...

The Apéro Gourmand this Friday, May 26, for surprising food and wine deals!
Limited seats, on registration, 15 euros per person, 0389782572

And on Pentecost Monday our 6th Piquenique du Vigneron Indépendant!
Bring back your picnic baskets, we welcome you for a day under the sign of conviviality and discovery!
On registration, more information at 0389782572
And of course we welcome you to the wine cellar of the
Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6 pm.
To reserve you a good welcome, let's take appointment!

See you soon!
That's it! The vintage 2016 is in bottles!
Muscat returns to our menu, a perfect match with asparagus, seasonal vegetable!
And our best seller of the beautiful season; Tentation Rosé Fresh, fruity, light, the perfect partner for your party grills and light salads!
New for our Crémant range, Crémant Extra Brut Blanc; Fresh and harmonious, notes of white flowers and brioche, this is THE WINE of great festive moments!
Do not hesitate to discover these new products, and our other wines from our range.
The vault will be open for the weekend of Easter,
* On Saturday 15th April from 9 to 12h & from 13h30 to 17h30
* Monday 16 April from 9 to 12h

Next event for the Domaine Freyburger; Professional tasting at the Palais Vendôme in Paris on Monday 15 May registration here:
Beautiful Easter holidays to you and nice April!
To note we will be in Wine Fair at Chevannes (91) this Saturday March 18 for the
7th Salon des Artisans et Vignerons, where you will discover gastronomy, wines from producers and animations throughout this beautiful day!
Go to Chevannes in the Multi-purpose Room from 9 am to 7 pm
We will be pleased to welcome you on our stand to show you the range of our wines!

And other trade fair; Prowein to be held from 19 to 21 March 2017
In Dusseldorf in Germany!
L'hiver s'est bien installé dans notre vignoble, et le froid des dernières semaines a mis en dormance la vigne et les sols.
La taille de la vigne a débuté pour nous début Janvier, travail le plus long et le plus minutiux pour la vigne, car c'est la taille qui détermine la future récolte.
Les fermentations sont finies en cave , et les vins sur lies fines finissent leurs maturation, s'affinent, se dévoilent lentement.
Millésime de fruit, de typicité.

Nous sommes dans les starting bloks pour nos prochains évènements commerciaux...

*Les 11/12 Mars prochain 14ème Salon des vins et de la Gastronomie à Ammerschwihr
*Du 19 au 21 Mars , le Salon Prowein à Dusseldorf, destiné aux professionnels, une première pour le Domaine freyburger! HALL11 STAND F20
*Le 18 Mars le 7ème Salon des Artisans et Vignerons à Chevannes (91)

A bientôt sur l'un de ces évènements!
Le Domaine Freyburger.

N B :Le Domaine sera en mode "pause" du 20 au 25 Février prochain

The vintage 2016 ended (finally!) On November 22nd in the Grand Cru Kaefferkopf.
Long harvests, (2 months!), But harvest in excellent conditions.
The superb months of September and October have allowed us to return a healthy harvest, quality and quantity!
Patience and reason, were the two words to qualify this vintage.
The wines finish their fermentation in cellar, and their tastings reveal us wines fruity, balanced and typed.

The end of the year has quickly caught up with us, with our shows and deliveries, and now the preparations for Christmas Time become clearer!
Our opening hours for theseChristmas fests and New Year, and we will be
Mode "rest" from 24/12 15h to 28/12 morning!
Happy New Year holidays to you!

Christmas Week Schedule ...
From Monday 19/12 to Friday 23/12 8h30 / 12h and 13h30 / 18h
Saturday 24/12 8h30 / 12h and 13h / 15h

New Year's Week Schedule ...

From Wednesday 28/12 to Friday 30/12 8h30 / 12h and 13h30 / 18h
Saturday 31/12 8h30 / 12h and 13h / 15h.

We will be CLOSE on the 25th, 26th, 27th December 2016 , as well as on
1st January 2017.
The end of the summer has come, but not said its last word!

The beautiful month of September which is offered to us by mother nature is good for our vineyard and our harvest!

The first grapes were harvested last Wednesday for the development of our Crémants white and pink; all simply superb harvest!

The recently sunny days are perfect for the maturation of our beautiful clusters! As long as the Sun installed his suitcases at the top of the vineyard for a few weeks yet!

Recovery week harvest next with the Pinot Noir, Muscat, and Auxerrois.

In any case the harvest if very nice announcement, expected to taste the first juice that will flow from the press...

Pictures of the first shots of the secateurs.