Introducing the Domaine
Discover our wines and the people crafting them. Nested at the vineyard's heart, the Domaine Marcel Freyburger welcomes you for a discovery of what makes our passion... Our sense of tradition and authenticity, our love for the winegrowing job as well as for our terroir, allow us to produce unique and quality wines with a strong identity...
Ammerschwihr, at the heart of a 450 hectares vineyard, is located at the entrance of the Kaysersberg valley. Our Domaine's vineyard is spread on a 7Ha surface, in the town of Ammerschwihr ; 60% of the vines in its lowland section and 40% on the hillside.
The family Domaine, located in the center of the village, was rebuilt after the war by Sébastien Freyburger, behind the ancient town hall's ruins, still visible nowadays. Sébastien, then his son Marcel, followed in order to produce the Domaine's wines and carry on the family tradition. Today, Christophe and his wife are proud of perpetuating this tradition, and of expressing their passion through wine.

The vines are worked out in a well-reasoned way, respecting them, the soil and the terroir, in order to extract the best from them and to find each of their subtleties in our wines.

Domaine Freyburger's wines are vinified in wooden barrels and stainless-steel casks. Each barrel and cask is temperature controlled in order to obtain longer fermentations, for aromatically finer wines. Oak barrels are also used in our cellar for the Pinot Noir's vinification. Each vintage is different, and every year at harvest time, comes a new discover as wines start their fermentation and refinement in our cellar.

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